My Favourite Animal.

My favourite animal is a hedgehog. I like hedgehogs because they are really cute especially when they are curled up in a  little ball. (This is also my avatar.) Sadly […]

Sports Day.

May 4th was Sports Day for St Josephs School Tranmere.  The four sports day teams are Red (Tennison), Yellow (Penola), Blue (MacKillop) and Green (Kensington). I am in the red […]

Favourite Quote

My favourite quote is Be a pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside. (Kat Gaskin) I like this quote because it makes you just want […]

My Favourite Book

I have so many favourite books and Bad Guys Episode 5 Intergalactic Gas written by Aaron Blabey is just one of them.   It is not really what you think it […]

My Bucket List

To have a hedgehog. To be a great artist. To play a professional tennis match. To get my pen licence in 2017. To participate in the kids Bupa cycling challenge […]

Book Week

Book Week  For Book Week  I dressed up as Docter Noel Zone from Danger Is Everywhere because it is a great read, the book is really funny and weird. If  I […]

I think nude food should be included in every school and their learning System. The reasons I believe this are that it has lots of benefits like waste management. A […]